A NEW Revolution
                in Motherboards

    News Release
    GIGABYTE   Technology is pleased
    to introduce
"DualBIOS™" technology, a
    "hot spare" for your system BIOS. This
    "newest value-added" feature, in a long
    series of innovations from GIGABYTE,
    is available on
GA-BX2000, GA-6GXU,
    and GA-6GXDW motherboards.Future
    GIGABYTE motherboards will also
    incorporate this innovation.
What is "Dual BIOS™"?
On GIGABYTE motherboards with DualBIOS
there are physically two BIOS chips. For
simplicity we'll call one your "Primary"
BIOS and the other we'll call your
"Secondary" BIOS (your "hot spare").
If your "Primary" BIOS fails, the
"Secondary" BIOS automatically
takes over on your next system boot.
Automatically and with virtually zero
down time!
Whether the problem is a failure in flashing
your BIOS or a virus or a catastrophic
failure of the primary BIOS chip, the result
is the same - the second BIOS backs
you up, automatically!

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